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shoes wholesale,shoes wholesaler,wholesale shoes,wholesale shoe
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shoes wholesale,shoes wholesaler,wholesale shoes,wholesale shoe
shoes wholesale,shoes wholesaler,wholesale shoes,wholesale shoe

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    Open Your Store offers wholesale shoes at very low prices. As a Shoes Wholesale Distributor, our company has a large selection of ladies fashion shoes for at a great wholesale price. Our high quality ladies shoes, come from the highest quality distributors, and imported after careful inspection from specifically chosen shoes manufacturers. You the customer will find our woman shoes products to be the latest fashions and to give you the best available discount. If there is anything that we can do to help you! That is our main goal.

    With our 30 years of experience in the Wholesale shoes industry we can help you open your own store, or shoe concession in your department store and supply you with all the goods you will need., The web's most popular wholesale shoes store, will do the legwork for you. We will keep you posted with the latest styles and hottest deals (sign up today to our Registered Customer List and get $50 OFF your first order over $500, or just put your Email address in our Hot-Deal list) our exclusive line and dozens of other leading vendors at their lowest prices. They will update you with many of the new developments in the Wholesale Footwear industry and will keep you updated on when to place your orders for seasonal merchandise. Logging on to our web-site will not only increase your buying power, but it will enable you to have a lot more time to concentrate on your business.

    Most frequently asked questions when opening your own shoe store

  1. Q. How can I receive information on opening a shoes store?
    Mr. Danny Yakoel, has 30 years of knowledge in the Shoe Business. He has opened thousands of shoe stores around the world. Mr. Yakoel, is available by phone at (718) 725-7065, or by email at Please call him for any questions he offers free advice to start up shoe companies, and would love to help, in opening you shoe store. He can be reached Monday to Friday, from 10:30am to 6pm.
  2. Q. How many shoes come I fit into my Shoe Store?
    A.)  In a 1000 square ft - 1500 square ft Shoe Store – You have 2 options:

        1) For a One price shoe store ($10, $15, $20) you will need between 3,000 - 5,000 prs of shoes. Approximately; $15,000-$25,000 worth of merchandise.

        2) For the same size store put together as a boutique rather than a one price store, will require the same amount of pairs but the cost for the assortment is $25,000-$35,000.

          In a 2000 square ft - 2500 square ft Shoe Store – You have 2 options:

        1) For a One price shoe store ($10,$15,$20) you will need between 5,000 - 7,000prs of shoes. Approximately; $25,000-$35,000 worth of merchandise.

        2) For the same size store put together as a boutique rather than a one price store, will require the same amount of pairs but the cost for the assortment is $45,000-$60,000.

  3. Q. How Long will it take to receive my merchandise?
    A. In general there are 3 parts to a shipment, Processing, Shipping, and Delivery Time. An average date to completion of these 3 parts is 2-4 weeks. Depending on the size of the order, and the location of the store.
  4. Q. I am ready to order now what do I do?
    In order to get an order started we ask that you make an order online, choose call in payment as choice of payment. Once the order is received we require a 20% deposit of the total amount of the order, and payment in full when shoes are ready to be shipped.
  5. Q. Are there any discounts offered for purchasing a store worth of shoes?
    A. Yes. offers 10% off of the total order for a large shoe store purchase.
  6. Q. What is the best way to display my shoes?
    A. There are several different methods people use in arranging their shoes for their store:

    The size of store or concession and number of styles you have is a big factor.

        a. If you are limited with space then display samples and keep the stock in the storage room with 1/2 a pair display on top of that open box, and 1/2 a pair displayed in the front store window using a size 6 or 7.

        b. If there is enough room the easiest and most cost effective way is to open the shoes on the floor in their individual boxes, if the shoes come 12 in a case stock them 6 pairs high, with the 1/2 pair displayed on top. If they come 18 then stock them 9 pairs high, with sample on top. This kind of display will give the impression of a discount outlet store. As shown below:

        c. For a more impressive look, some money will need to be invested in shelving. This kind of display has the advantage of easy access and is more organized and time saving (the sales person doesn't have to run to the back room for each shoe).

  7. Q. How do I price my shoes?
    You want to be fair to your customers. A usual markup in a retail shoe store is double: cost $10.00 sell for $20.00. There are a few factors to determine the correct price.

                a. Competition: In order to obtain a happy customer your prices have to be competitive.
                b. Volume: In high traffic area where more sales are made you can sell for lower markup and the volume will compensate.
                c. Some Exotic shoes are not very common and are harder to get therefore you can sell them at a higher markup. For example: if the cost is $15.00 it could be sold at $45.00.
                d. Clearance sale: You want to keep your inventory moving, sell the odds and ends at cost price and use space & funds for new goods.

   8.   Q. What are the different sizes i need for my store?
That depends on your location, you will know from your customers' requests. There are three different size runs.
The sizes are:   (A-run) 5-10, (B-run) 6-10, (C-run) 7-11
The a-run comes with smaller sizes and b-run contains bigger sizes. C-run has more pairs of shoes in the bigger sizes but it is not always available.

   9.   Q. What are the basic colors that I need to get for each style of shoes?
Black and brown are the real basic colors in the shoe industry and they are usually the best sellers.

  10.  Q. What are the different types of heels i need to purchase for my store?
This is based on location and customers, If your customers are younger they would be looking for the funkier platform look if they are older they would be looking for lower heel & comfort. Office girls will be going for low heels and flats.

  11. Q. What different styles of shoes would my customers be most interested in? And when is the best time to restock for the upcoming season?
a. Basic shoes: flats and low, and medium heeled pumps. Time: All year [Jan. -Dec.)
b. Holiday shoes: high heels, pumps & sandals, sequins, gold silver and colors Time: Holidays (Oct.-Dec.)
c. Sandals: reg. sandals, slides, clogs, sling back, Time: summer (Jan.-July.)
d. Boots: ankle boots, high boots, fashion boots, Time: winter (Aug.-Jan.), calculates shipping costs for International Shipments, based on the rates that they receive from FEDEX. Rates are calculated based on Actual Gross Weight, and Dimensional Weight

 12. Q. When is the right time to reorder from the wholesale shoes distributor?
When you start to see that you stock is low, or you run out of sizes and colors.

 12. Q. What should I do with the remaining stock that doesn't sell?
We suggest having a clearance section for all left over odd sizes and last season shoes for good price.

"Ask any Shoe Storeowner, "What is the single most important factor in maintaining a successful Shoe store?" and he'll tell you, having the right Styles of shoes. You can have the best location, the most beautiful store layout, the friendliest service but if you don't have an efficient supply network, if you don't have current information of the vast amount of new product that is coming into the market, you could never have a successful shoe Store."

For additional information please call The Shoenet Sales Office at (718) 725-7065, or email

wholeasale shoes
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Sales Department offers you the best in online security using Verisign.
If you have any difficulties completing your order form feel free to call us at:
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Shoe buyers, at a wholesalers shoes site, we have done all the leg work & research for you. All women's footwear, closeouts,branded, liquidation. Women's sandals, and boots are New; We have been in the business of manufacturing for more than 30 Years, take advantage of our knowledge and experience. We are picky choosing our styles, and only choose the best, sandals, and boots to be on our footwear, sandals, clogs, flip flops, and boots website. Footwear selections: Wholesale Dress Shoes, Branded Shoes, Brand Name Overstock, flip flops wholesale Wholesale Products, Wholesale Merchandise, Back to School, Ladies Closeout, Liquidation, Sandals, Boots, Sneakers, Exotic shoe, wholesale flipflops Leather Mary Jane, and Discount Fashion styles, ladies dress sandals, mens, men, ladies casual, lady boots, designer boots, cheap, cheap wholesale flip flops, clothing footwear, and brand footwear.

According to feedback from some of our existing resellers, many of our fashion can be sold quickly at good profit margin due to the fact that many of our fashion products possess strong quality and latest fashion styles. You can have full confidence in quality of fashion products featured on our web site. shoe wholesalers, is the 1st shoe wholesale online, and has been serving the online community for 12 years. We have great price point & quality product, with quick shipping is our focus. We do not have an online catalog due to constant updating of footwear products, and only sell to shoe buyers, store owners, specialty boutiques and branded department stores. No retail sales please! A minimum purchase is $250.

We take pride in introducing our Purchase by a Container Load, where we offer high quality shoes, boots, and sandals, at discount pricing shipping by the container. You can view more detailed information here. Cheap Women's Shoe Container., also specializes in selling bulk, and lot wholesale shoes shoes. Buying Wholesale Shoes is as simple as 1-2-3.

We are a customer service focused company, we hope to build long term business relationship with our customers. Try us out, let our staff show you what we can do for you and your business!!

If you have any questions about buying wholesale products, please feel free to Contact Us and we will answer any question you might have.


"the web's most popular wholesale shoe store"

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