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12/16/2010 NEW RETAIL AFFILIATE for branded discount shoes MYBRANDSFORLESS.COM was created as a result of high demand for wholesale pricing on a retail level. MYBRANDSFORLESS.COM believe that people should be able to afford their favorite brands. MYBRANDSFORLESS.COM offer our customers the opportunity to buy their favorite branded products while paying wholesale pricing at the click of the mouse.they use their buying power and expertise to locate quality products with brand names. like Nike , UGG boots , Polo , and many more for discount prices.
8/7/2008 Untitled 1

Sell this high end merchandise on ebay or in your store and make big profits.

You will receive all the merchandise intact with the desirable brands sold in the department stores.The above prices are very attractive and






we ship from : CA, and NJ.

8/6/2008 " Branded Designer Overstock Shoes NEW!! " We carry liquidation, overstock and closeouts of wholesale brand name and department store merchandise by the pallet or by the truckload! Liquidation Overstock offers quality Shoes INCLUDED IN THIS LOT:STEVE MADDEN BCBG CALVIN KLEIN COACH JESSICA SIMPSON NINE WEST NINA FOOTWEAR TOMMY HILFIGER Liquidation Overstock offers quality Athletic Brend Names Footwear such as: below wholesale shoes at closeout prices! brand names like: NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, CONVERSE, SKECHERS, REEBOK, AND MORE!!
9/25/2007 Best of the bunch

Tory Burch takes to the two-toned trend!

serenaburch.jpgIt seems that the ubiquitous Tory Burch flats have adopted the two-toned trend in their autumn/winter incarnation! Utilising a stark contrast of matte white leather and shiny black patent - topped off with Tory's signature medallion, of course - the only thing they're missing is brogue detailing! If you fancy some comfortable, but stylish designer flats to see you through the cooler climes, 'Serena' will set you back $225 at Saks.

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9/24/2007 Best of the bunch

Aruna Seth - new luxury designer shoes!


There's nothing like a new range of designer shoes to get the heart of a shoe-lover fluttering, and when the shoes in question are as gorgeous as these ones, well, you've even more reason to get excited. These are from the Spring/Summer 08 collection from the designer, and are the first collection from the label. The shoes are all handcrafted in Italy, and the soft leathers, soft leathers, Swarovski crystal detailing and gold trim makes them some of the most luxurious pieces of footwear we've seen in a while. A few of the pieces are pictured above - check out the Aruna Seth website for more.

Related: Velvet luxury in flats from Joie Shoes' Kitty | Naughty Monkey 'Luxury' heels | Gina 'Naomi' deep blue Swarovski crystal sandal

Posted by Amber McNaught on September 24, 2007 7:41 PM in Designer Shoes| New Shoes| Shoes in the UK
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9/21/2007 Best of the bunch

Salvatore Ferragamo's gorgeous Riccione sandals at Neiman Marcus

heels.jpgThe moment I saw these Salvatore Ferragamo 'Riccione' satin sandals over at Neiman Marcus I just had to write about them. These heels just scream "glamour", right down from the patent ankle strap to the gold platformed sole - and check out that beading! These are so sexy, so pretty and sooo out of my price range at $1,100.00. Yes, you read that righ:, these shoes costs more then a grand which, to me, spells utter dissapointment at never being able to own them. Ah well, if I don't luck out on the lottery this Saturday, at least they're always here to look at, and should my numbers come up...the shoes are on me!

Related: Salvatore Ferragamo Sandre braided strap flat | Salvatore Ferragamo 'Spagna' satin slingback sandals

Posted by Nadine Brown on September 21, 2007 4:26 PM in Designer Shoes| Heels| Shoes in the USA
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8/8/2007 Best of the bunch

Calvin Klein's Rose make the perfect pretty and versatile heel choice

shoes_iaec1043282.jpgI know it's upsetting, but I have to say it... Sometimes shoes aren't the most important part of an outfit. Looking for shoes that compliment an outfit that makes a statement all it's own is a challenge for any shoe junkie, but this pair by Calvin Klein really fill that gap.

These Rose sandals are certainly very pretty in their own right, but they really are easiest to love for the subtle style which lends huge versatility. Shown here in platinum, they're also available in bronze and a fabulously fashionable shade of pewter. They're a fantastic price of $97.99 from

Related: Calvin Klein Jeckel t-straps | Gucci Holly sandals

Posted by orladoherty on August 8, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Heels

8/7/2007 Best of the bunch

Stella McCartney's Platforms for next season are sure to set hearts racing

NMX04PC_mn.jpgI've just stumbled upon something that's becoming ever more obscure - shoes that make me say "Wow!" These gorgeous Stella McCartney Platform pumps are stunning, and this coming from a girl who doesn't really like pink!

A surprisingly exciting colour for A/W, there's no denying how eyecatching this pair is. I am loving the hot pink in rich satin, and the rising platform to the toe spices up the classic design. The 4" heels ensure a definite sex appeal, without being totally unrealistic for walking around in. This pretty pair are $595 from Neiman Marcus now.

Related: Stella McCartney metallic silver sandals | Neiman Marcus' 100th birthday shoes

Posted by orladoherty on August 8, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Heels

7/24/2007 Best of the bunch

Eva Longoria's civil ceremony shoes by Sergio Rossi available online

75098001.jpg 6900-413540-d.jpg

Eva Longoria caused a media frenzy earlier this year with her double wedding extravaganza and, as we can see from this photo of her entering City Hall for her civil ceremony, she definitely exploited the opportunity to full fashionable effect. Stepping out in these gorgeous Sergio Rossi heels she certainly looks stunning.

Continue reading "Eva Longoria's civil ceremony shoes by Sergio Rossi available online"

Posted by orladoherty on August 6, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Celeb Footwear

7/20/2007 Best of the bunch

Gucci's 'Dahlia' high heel platforms come complete with metal toecaps

guccidahliaplatforms.jpg I don't know about you, but when I think of metal toecaps, I immediately imagine a huge pair of workman's boots, not a delicate pair of designer heels! Well, I think this platform is a little too chunky to be classed as "delicate", but Gucci's 'Dahlia' platforms do come with a set of toecaps, although they're gold, not steel, with the Gucci logo engraved on them. Definitely not recommended for workmen, then. These also have a rather interesting ankle strap, with Gucci moving their classic horse bit round to the back of the shoe: I think it works pretty well and I can imagine Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen tripping around in these, with skinny jeans and floaty scarves. As for the rest of us, well, the $795 may prove a little high, but if I could, I'd buy these in both black and grey and stash them away for winter.

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| Gucci Jacqueline High Heel Sandal

Posted by Amber on August 7, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Designer Shoes, Heels, Shoes in the USA

7/15/2007 Best of the bunch

Girl meets Miss Sixty 'Neves' heels, girl falls in love with Miss Sixty 'Neves heels.

red%20or%20dead.jpgOh my gosh, these Miss Sixty 'Neves' pumps are so hot I can barely type! I love them more then I love my grandma's cooking and believe me there is nothing that will make me move faster to the kitchen then my granny's rice and peas with chicken. However, I'm willing to give up all those carbs, protein and maybe even a bit of chocolate for one whole month if it means I can slip my feet into these beauties and strut my stuff for whoever will watch me. Mock me if you will, but the criss-cross strap, embossed silver leather against green piping and heel finished off with cut-out detail has got me hooked. Also available in silver and red, with an ankle strap replacing the criss-cross fastening, they're $152.06 over at Zappos - although if you told me they were triple that price I'd probably still think they were a bargain.

Chloe-Inspired Boots by Miss Sixty | 'Meggan' from Miss Sixty | Miss Sixty Leather Green sandals

Posted by NadineBrown on August 8, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Heels, Shoes in the USA

7/11/2007 Best of the bunch

Find your regal side in these Zoraide 'Duchess' shoes

T-Bar.jpgFancy something elegant to slip onto your feet? Well these Zoraide 'Duchess' shoes are suitably stylish and possibly the closest to royalty you'll ever get. I'm loving the silver t-bar that gives these shoes a 'Come Dancing' feel and makes me want to throw off my slippers and start doing the quickstep, although realistically, I can barely walk in a pair of flats let alone trip the light fantastic in a pair of 4 inch heels. Either way, the detailed silver stitching and lux silk material do just about enough to momentarily distract me from the £780 price tag, which is how much these lovelies cost over at Browns.

Givenchy unique T-bar sandals | Purple suede shoes from Marc by Marc Jacobs | Nicholas Kirkwood's metallic edged slingbacks at Browns

Posted by NadineBrown on August 6, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Designer Shoes, Heels, Shoes in the UK

7/3/2007 Best of the bunch

Punk up your footwear with gold studs just as Devotte have done with these 'Diana' flats!

diana.bmp Sometimes white flats can have a slightly prissy look, so if you've been looking for a pair which have a bit more attitude, how about these 'Diana' by Devotte flat sandals with gold studs and tan trim (or a tan version with leather trim) from Sadly individual style doesn't come cheap and this flats will set you back US$260 which to me seems pretty over the top for a pair of shoes which, with the wrong outfit could tip the scales straight from prissy to tacky! What do you think?

Related: Devotte' 'Loveless' wedges | Franco Sarto black and white wedges | Stella McCartney floral print wedges

Posted by Lucy Hulme on July 3, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Designer Shoes, Flats, Sandals, Shoes in the USA

7/3/2007 Best of the bunch

Oh Gwen! Clearly versatility and comfort weren't always high on the radar in the L.A.M.B range!

lamb%201.bmp I'm absolutely a fan of Gwen Stefani. Some of her crazy songs and outfits are a bit much for me but I think she's very similar to La Beckham in that she too makes a huge effort and is very thoughtful with what she wears, but she takes very different risks. However, I am not (I repeat not impressed) by these Euclid platforms. Made from soft kid suede and antique vegetable tanned leather uppers with leather lining they're available in both black and camel for US$250, complete with a 5 inch heel. I know that anything by Gwen Stefani is going to show her quirky, individual style, but please say you agree that there is no way that these could be considered attractive or a temptation to purchase?!

Related: LAMB Chartres II Boots | Love, Angel, Music, Baby | Marc Jacobs Slouch Boot

Posted by Lucy Hulme on July 3, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Celeb Footwear, Designer Shoes, Heels, Shoes in the USA, wedges

7/2/2007 Best of the bunch

Christian Louboutin gingham check espadrilles, reduced in the Matches sale

lbtwedge.jpgI have a pair of slingback gingham wedges. I think I've worn them once in my entire life. Something tells me if they were stamped with a name like Christian Louboutin's, I'd be wearing them a lot more often. The cutesy check has been hanging around for a while now, a bubbling little trend that's just waiting to come into the mainstream, so snagging a reduced pair of gingham Loubs (yeah, I'm calling them Loubs now - it sounds slightly naughty, doesn't it?) is a near miracle. It's just a shame an espadrille wedge leaves no room for a red sole. Alas, you can't have everything. These babies are £138 in the Matches sale.

Posted by Gemma on July 2, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Designer Shoes, Sale Watch, Shoes in the UK, wedges

7/1/2007 Best of the bunch

Shoes at the Concert For Diana: Fergie, Lily Allen, Sienna Miller & Fearne Cotton

Yesterday at Wembley Arena some of the biggest names in music (and showbiz) turned up to show their support for William and Harry (and a very good cause) at the Concert for Diana. As you can imagine, there were far more important things to be paying attention to than the shoes...but I'm very shallow like that, and I couldn't help noticing Lily Allen's fab Louboutin peep toes, Fearne Cotton's ill-advised but surprisingly fabulous mini dress and ankle boots combo, Sienna Miller's 'I put my ankle straps on the outside of my jeans' trend (you'll be seeing more of this. I know, I'm sorry) and Fergie's fab Mary-Janes, which, as Shoewawa fan Marc pointed out to me in a very sweet email, she obviously read about on this site*. All in all, the ladies were looking fabulous. The only one letting the side down was Joss Stone. Why does that girl insist on performing barefoot? Sorry honey, Sandie Shaw got there before you! [images: Getty]

*no, really.

Posted by Gemma on July 2, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Celeb Footwear

6/29/2007 Best of the bunch

Shoes in focus: Mary Janes

You may remember a few weeks ago that I wrote a long (slightly obsessive) post about Miu MIu's blue Mary-Jane heels. Well while it has finally become clear that if I to eat next month I won't be buying them just yet, I've been searching out Mary Jane style shoes which are bigger, better!

If your designer shoe cravings are further teased by the above picture of Christian Louboutin's green peep-toe Mary-Janes, they're available here - and guess what? They're reduced!

Continue reading "Shoes in focus: Mary Janes"

Posted by Lucy Hulme on June 29, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Designer Shoes, Heels, High St, Shoes in the UK, Shoes in the USA

6/29/2007 Best of the bunch

Vote for the perfect flats to go into the ultimate CQ suitcase

We're onto round nine of the CQ suitcase (only one more to go) so if you've not yet voted on all the other items you'd like to put in the ultimate holday wardrobe, we've put all the polls on one page to make it easy for you. Today it's time to add a pair of functional but fabulous flats or flip-flops to the case. Vote for your favourites below.


Posted by Gemma on June 29, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Shoe News

6/25/2007 Best of the bunch

Moschino's space age shiny silver Mary-Janes: perfect for Autumn's future trend

tinfoilshoe.jpgI had a bit of a thing for silver shoes about four years ago, so seeing them revived in such a huge way for Autumn / Winter is making me very happy indeed. Granted, the metallic shoe will never really go out of style when there's a WAG out there willing to wear it, but after a few seasons of chunky block heels, wooden platforms and black fetish shoes, it's nice to see designers bringing back the bling. Though many of us can't get away with super-short space age dresses, shoes are a different story. These Moschino platforms remind me of YSL Tribute heels covered in tinfoil (something I don't recommend you try at home) and would be brilliant with an all black / all white outfit. Luisa Via Roma are currently taking pre-orders for €495, though you'll have to wait until September to get your hands on them (or should that be 'your feet in them'?).

Posted by Gemma on June 25, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Designer Shoes, Heels, New Shoes

6/24/2007 Best of the bunch

Sheilas' Heels: convertible driving shoes from the people at Sheilas' Wheels

sheilasheels.jpgConvertible shoes seem to be the new thing, but I never thought I'd see a pair on the website of a car insurance company. Yep, those annoying fake Aussies from Sheilas' Wheels' have put these concept shoes on their website and are asking you for your thoughts. Created with driving in mind, they turn from high heels to functional flats at the click of a button (hmmm, sounds familiar). The shoe is not yet in production, but if you like it give them some feedback and hopefully it'll go on sale in the near future.

Posted by Gemma on June 27, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)
in categories: Heels, New Shoes, Shoes in the UK

12/8/2006 Best of the bunch




12/6/2006 Best of the bunch

CHANEL White Black Patent Runway Ankle Boots Shoes


7/17/2006 Best of the bunch

Deal A Day

Our Deal A Day has been a huge success and we now receive many new orders a day. With great deals every day, customers are finding themselves checking our site more and more often. So now we're going to make it worth your while. In our News on Shoes section, we are going to post our best sellers and other information to help you make informed decisions. We figure once you already here, you might as well learn something that can help you sell more shoes. We'll post tips on all aspects of selling shoes, from picking big sellers to laying out the shoes in the most appealing way. You won't want to miss this.

7/15/2006 Best of the bunch


In our first 24 hours we have sold over 10,000 pairs of Nissa-23. Next up is Energy-28. We had decided to go crazy with weekend madness and are selling this hot pump for just ONE DOLLAR per pair. And we're going to keep this shoe for sale until Sunday afternoon 12 PM, though I doubt it'll last that long.

8/16/2005 Best of the bunch

Capezio Cowboy IS HOT!!!!

 Leather Vintage style butterfly cowboy boots, just like Britney Spears wears!



Winter 2006 Vintage style COMING SOON

Order now 1st shipment sold!

2/23/2005 Best of the bunch



2/2/2005 Best of the bunch




1/21/2005 Best of the bunch



STAR MAGAZINE loves  HoneyBee  fur trim boots and was seen all over the world!

12/22/2004 Best of the bunch

12/17/2004 Best of the bunch
11/17/2004 Best of the bunch



10/6/2004 Best of the bunch


YM MAGAZINE loves  BEARHUG  faux fur  boots as seen all over the world!

10/4/2004 Best of the bunch



STAR MAGAZINE loves  HoneyBee  fur trim boots and was seen all over the world!

9/8/2004 Best of the bunch


Jessica Simpson loves her DKNY Tia fur trim boots and was seen all over town with these boots!

Schoolgirls and career women, preppies and punks, party girls and artsy types-they all converged on the runway at DKNY, where Donna Karan aimed to reflect the sidewalk society of her beloved New York City.



Of course, Karan's sidewalks are undeniably better-dressed than most. Her schoolgirl uniform, for example, is a neat fitted navy jacket over a crisp white shirt and flirty grey flannel skirt short enough to shock a nun. And the world would be a prettier place if more 9-to-5 types wore some of Karan's lovely, colorful outerwear, like the scarlet wool zipped coat or the soft, honey-colored mohair version. Even the downtown crowd that calls its own style shots could benefit from a pair of skinny black pants with just enough zippers to be hip (but not enough to be scary), or her black sweater with its chain-mail sleeves. There were plenty of other easily approachable items, like skinny Glen-plaid pants, black tuxedo jackets, fuzzy mohair sweaters and silky little skirts. Part of the delight came from the pretty, atypical fall colors-mint green, hot pink, gold, lavender, red-that made the collection distinct and different.



Karan uses the DKNY line almost as a sketch pad, a place where she dashes off ideas and trends that, for whatever reason, catch her eye. This season, that approach gave the collection an easy, casual charm that was hard to resist.



For more on DKNY Boots, go to DKNY Homepage

11/17/2003 Best of the bunch

These are THE boots...the ones Sarah Jessica Parker (aka Carrie Bradshaw) has been sporting all around NY for a future episode of “Sex and the City.” The same ones featured in US WEEKLY and PEOPLE magazine!!! They were only sold in 16 select Coach stores around the country and now they are completely sold out EVERYWHERE!!! Well this is probably your only chance to own these HOT gorgeous comfy boots!!! Up for bid is a brand new 100% authentic pair of size US size 6, Coach Andi suede boots in black. These VERY limited edition boots were made in Italy and fit true to size. Coach will not be manufacturing any more of these boots and they are completely sold out EVERYWHERE!!!! These fabulous new, never worn boots come with the original Coach box and Coach tissue paper.



 NIB Coach ANDI boots SIZE 8 BLACK Very Rare!! Item number: 3441407445
Current bid: US $625.00
11/5/2003 Best of the bunch
The Australian ugg boot has its origins back in the late 1960's when Australian surfers decided it was real cosy to jump out of the surf and into a pair of sheepskin boots to help get warm. The original ugg boot was very basic - essentially two pieces of sheepskin in the shape of a boot joined together down the centre-front and back with a soft sole attached to the bottom. Yes - they didn't even have hard soles. In fact, they were really only a glorified sock. The surfers coined the term 'ugg boot' (for ugly boot) and ever since then, Australians have referred to their sheepskin boots as ugg boots or uggs. It is and always will be a generic term for sheepskin boots in Australia. Ask any Australian what an ugg boot is and they'll say sheepskin boot. It's as 'ocker' (slang for 'Australian') as meat pies and kangaroos. The people behind Uggs-N-Rugs saw the potential for ugg boots and registered and set up their business in Western Australia in the 1970's. But they decided to take the 'ugliness' out of the centre-front seam style and began producing what they called a three-piece style with patterned braid down the back, a decent sole and in more recent years, a fully moulded stitched-in heel counter. With the moulded heel counter there is sheepskin, the heel counter and then some suede leather over the top creating three layers. And the counter itself is stitched into the inner sole meaning it can not 'slide' around. This provides maximum support and helps the boot with retention of shape - something most manufacturers have never been able to achieve. This style was to provide the core of their product offerings. Ironically, since then, versions of this style have been duplicated and copied far and wide by various competitors. In addition to the three-piece style, Uggs-N-Rugs produce a range of other styles including a moccasin fronted lace-up, a flat zig zag moccasin style short boot, moccasin style slippers and some simple scuffs / mules both plain and fluffy. Uggs-N-Rugs lay claim to being one of the longest surviving Australian sheepskin footwear manufacturers. There are only a couple of other long-term manufacturers in the same league. Over time, many manufacturers and retailers of sheepskin boots have cropped up. One Australian fellow - Brian Smith - took some sheepskin ugg boots from Australia to the US and began selling them. Eventually, in the 1990's, his original business was sold to big US footwear company Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Sadly, Deckers have laid claim to the term UGG ® despite its generic-ness and public domain use here in Australia (and its entry into many aussie slang dictionaries) and despite other Australian manufacturers also selling them into the US as an 'ugg boot' even prior to Brian Smith. Even sadder, a representative for the UGG product has informed us that it is now made exclusively for them in China . This is despite much of the product being labelled 'Original UGG Australia' which would clearly be misleading if any of the product is made outside Australia. Ironically, no 'bricks and mortar' retailer in Australia sells the US UGG brand. Why? Who really knows... maybe because they are simply too expensive when compared to the local - more genuine - product.
2/12/2003 Best of the bunch


Blizzard? What blizzard? Legions of Manolo Blahnik aficionados defied near-Arctic conditions Thursday night to make a stiletto-clad trek to the opening of his retrospective at the London Design Museum. Looking immaculate but claiming to be on the verge of hysteria, greeted a crowd of British rock aristocracy, blue bloods, artists, models and assorted fashion fiends. Kate Moss made her first public appearance since the birth of her daughter, Lila, and appeared goddess-like in a black, crystal-festooned Lanvin dress. She joined Bianca Jagger, Lucy Ferry, Leah Wood, Annabel Neilson, Camilla Morton, Mario Testino, Michael Roberts and Celia Birtwell in the party throng.

The exhibit itself, which parades the amazing body of work Blahnik has bestowed on womankind since he first made shoes for an Ossie Clark show in 1974, is set up amid towering walls of stacked shoe boxes. Most of the pieces are strewn casually about, like impossible jewels or exotic animals, though some are displayed with clothes—platforms with tendrilish flowered ties done for Ossie Clark, beaded tribal sandals for John Galliano’s first Dior couture collection and, fresh from last week's shows, the boots that were paired with Azzedine Alaïa’s croc-backed coat. Tape loops feature some of the women who have shaped Blahnik’s idea of glamour, beginning with Monica Vitti in the ’50s and ending, of course, with Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. It's a journey of rich and sensuous delights that demonstrates just how a master achieved his well-deserved place of honor.

—Sarah Mower

Also on


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According to feedback from some of our existing resellers, many of our fashion can be sold quickly at good profit margin due to the fact that many of our fashion products possess strong quality and latest fashion styles. You can have full confidence in quality of fashion products featured on our web site. shoe wholesalers, is the 1st shoe wholesale online, and has been serving the online community for 12 years. We have great price point & quality product, with quick shipping is our focus. We do not have an online catalog due to constant updating of footwear products, and only sell to shoe buyers, store owners, specialty boutiques and branded department stores. No retail sales please! A minimum purchase is $250.

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